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Flow switch

China Keram (Nanjing)ELECTRICAL Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Keram (Nanjing)ELECTRICAL Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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Flow switch

December 20, 2022
Latest company case about Flow switch

The flow switch is to command the system to switch according to the flow.

Set the upper or lower limit for the flow switch, when the flow reaches this limit value, the flow switch sends a signal or alarm, and the system will run or stop. Systems that generally require flow use flow switches.

Among them, baffle type flow switch or plug-in flow switch is also known as mechanical flow switch.


1. The mechanical part of the target flow switch is safely isolated from the electronic part.

2. The target flow switch does not contain bellows that are easy to cause failure.

3. The electrical parts of the target flow switch do not directly contact with the metal parts with large temperature differences, and the problem of condensation caused by corrosion caused by condensation of electrical parts will not occur.

4. The target flow switch uses imported magnetic switch as the electrical action part, which has a small disconnect and reset flow.

Installation location

The installation position of the target flow switch is generally installed in the section of the pipeline from the outlet of the pump to the outlet of the equipment, and cannot be installed on the pipeline of the suction port of the pump, which will make the pump unable to absorb water normally, and the water flow switch cannot be opened, which requires special attention. Baffle type flow switches allow both horizontal (wire section on top) and vertical installation.


Gas-liquid dual-purpose type, can be widely used in industrial automation/mechanical equipment/air compression industry/refrigeration and air conditioning fields, industrial occasions are specifically used in water-cooled welding machines, laser equipment cooling systems, vacuum coating machines, electric furnaces, polysilicon ingot furnaces, etc. The water flow switch magnet is not in the flowing waterway and can be used in sewage systems and works properly.



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